AR 450 10ga Cone Liner



Replaceable abrasion-resistant bolt-in wear liner. This will be mounted between the outer cone body and the flights using the existing flight hardware. The liner is shipped as a one-piece, you can grind the tack welds off and install as a two-piece. Doing this will allow the liner to be installed with the rotor still in the machine.

Hardox 450 Feeder House Floor


Bolt in replacement for the middle feeder house floor pan.  This is an abrasion resistant extended wear piece.

Copperhead Closing Wheels

Call for price.


The Copperhead Closing Wheels are revolutionizing planting. The unique designs inherent in the Furrow Cruiser, Drill Cruiser, and SFP Cruiser closing wheels are increasing yields in amounts that were thought impossible only a few years ago. 

Copperhead Concave Systems

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Copperhead Concave Systems is proud to manufacture the original RPR Combine Concave System that was designed by Donnie Estes from Frankfort Indiana. His original design includes a notched round bar, increased space between round bars and adjustable/removable cover plates. Made with hardened steel, these are designed to last the life of your combine! John Deere and Case IH combine owners alike can benefit from a highly adaptive, easy to use concave system.

Flagship rotor cage with vanes.  7 Gage AR400


Case IH Flagship Feeder House Floor Liner

Available in 10 gauge AR 400 Steel or 10 gauge Stainless Steel

AR 400 Steel Pricing:

Front liner: $345.00 | Middle liner: $305.00 | Rear liner: $150.00 | whole kit: $710.00 (hardware included)

10 gauge Stainless Steel Pricing:

Front liner: $570.00 | Middle liner: $470.00 | Rear liner: $200.00 | whole kit: $1,200.00 (hardware included)

Vertical Unload Liner Kits for all Case IH, Mid-Range, Flagship, & New Holland



Do you want to protect/repair your upright unload auger tube? Do this easily with our pre-fit tube. This auger tube lines your existing tube before it wears thin and you have to replace your grain tank. It also includes a sump kit due to holes in the grain tank floor near the vertical tube. Replacing your grain tank is costly.

Bubble-Up Auger Tube Liner for Case IH — Fits all Mid-Range & Flagship



This is a simple solution to protect/repair the life of your bubble-up auger or restore your worn-out tubes on your Case IH combine. Our auger tube liner is made out of 12-gauge steel and is pre-rolled, pre-cut, and pre-fit for easy installation.

Case IH Chaff Spreader Divider 10 Gauge Stainless Steel or AR Steel Wear Plates

Stainless steel $270

AR Steel $215

Case IH Flagship 10 Gauge HD Feederhouse Access Door Cover



*Bolts included

Case IH Grain Bed Auger Liners 1400-2500 Series

$575.00 – $715.00

3-piece set cost: $575
4-piece set cost: $645
5-piece set cost: $715

* May be ordered with punched holes & rivets

Case IH Grain Tank Filler Auger HD Extended Wear Chrome with Bearing



1400-2500 Combines

** Bearing included

Case IH Midrange Stainless Steel Clean & Return Grain Liner Kit


CaseIH Flagship Front Cone Door Liner Kit AR200 Steel


CNH Extra Wide Stainless Steel Grain Tank Bottom Liners


Flagship Stainless Steel Clean Grain & Return Grain Liners


HD Incline Delivery Augers for Flagship

Fits 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 series


Case IH / New Holland Vertical Unload Augers for Steel Elbow Extended Wear Plus Hard Surfaced


Clean Grain & Return Auger Liner for Case IH/New Holland


Grain Tank Floor Cross Auger 14-Gauge Stainless Steel Extended-Wear Trough Liner

$370 each, 2 per machine


*Pre punched holes with stainless steel rivets included

This liner fits the following Combines:

  • Case IH Flagship Combines: 10, 20, 230, 240, 250

  • Case IH Midrange: 5088, 5130, 5140, 5150, 6088, 6130, 6140, 6150, 7088

  • New Holland Combines: 9000, 900, 800, CR9040, CR9060, CR9070, CR9080,CR940, CR960, CR970, CX840, CX860, CX880

  • Case IH Combines (Set includes 4): 1440, 1460, 1480, 1640, 1644, 1660, 1666, 1680, 1688, 2144, 2166, 2188, 2344, 2166, 2188, 2344, 2366,2377, 2388, 2577, 2588

Case IH Sump Kit Liner for 1400-2500 Series



Case IH Combines: 1400-2500 Series
PN#: 0001GT4PSK

Steel Unload Elbow for Case IH Midrange and Flagship 10, 20 Series


Case IH / New Holland Vertical Unload Augers Extended Wear Plus Hard Surface for 30 Series & Up


Case IH Unload Elbow for 1400- 2500 Series Combines


Case IH Vertical Unload Augers Extended Wear Plus Hard Surface for 1400 – 2500 Series


Clean Grain Full Auger Liner for Case IH / New Holland with Door Liner


Front Frame Concave Module Curved Plate for Case IH Flagship Series



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