Installation Process

Removal of the rotor isn't necessary, you can leave it in the machine and install the cone liner after the front rotor support bracket is removed. We recommend removal of the rotor so you can inspect the rest of the machine. The instructions listed below would be for the installation of a one-piece liner. The two-piece liner would only need the feeder house removed.​

Other areas to inspect while the rotor is removed would be the "H" frame and rotor drive coupler. The "H" frame will normally wear on the front right side (as you're looking at it). This can be addressed easier with the rotor removed.  Depending on where you can weld it up or if worn enough you can cut out the worn section and replace it with a piece of AR steel. The rotor drive coupler needs to be checked for wear and to ensure the retaining bolt is tight. Rasp bar replacement is also easier with the rotor removed. Inspect the rock trap drum and top feeder sprocket shaft for wear. If you need to replace those shafts have your dealer perform an alignment on the gearbox. The alignment will help alleviate excessive wear.


Remove the feeder house​


Remove two rasp bars


Use removed rasp bars to support the rotor


Remove from rotor support bracket


Remove rotor


Remove the vanes from transition cone


Install cone liner


Reverse steps to reassemble the machine​